Lane's Cove. Antonio Cirino (1889-1983)

Lane’s Cove. Antonio Cirino (1889-1983)

Spring morning bright

shining grass


around Lane’s Cove


Mail Lady arrives

hops out

breaks up treats

Dog in truck

sniffs for more


Sun through

yellow tulip petals

dropping shadows


An hour on a flat rock

behind the wall

near his easel

with infrequently met Eddy

was in The Lorraine sleeping

when it burned down

lost two hundred paintings

didn’t matter so much as

the people of Gloucester

were so giving gave each

thirty five hundred dollars

I gave a small truck bed

filled with winter clothes


Eddy was married to a WASP

When they went out to dinner

she wouldn’t look at the servers

She was brought up that way

Her family wore clothes

with holes in them


And had an old station wagon

How did you know?

Brought up with them

After the fire

my ex let me stay with her

for as long as I liked

She had a huge place

Children?  Horses


My life to him his to me

Common Irish values

Chelsea and Cambridge


Joe Roderick said

When I broke my elbow

it didn’t heal right

See these bumps?

My buddy was jumping

off his roof onto the porch

and I didn’t have time

to pull my arm back

broke folded the wrong way

pieces of bone everywhere

They gimme a cast

but I cut it off

It was smelly

I was lobstering at the time

Bait got in it


Can I play goal with

one arm?  Yah!


Hint   It’s near my shoes

and it’s red

Water Bottle

This is done outdoors

Bouble Play!


Melissa de Haan Cummings

May 10, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMelissa de Haan Cummings majored in French and English Literature at Bryn Mawr. She has published poetry in a number of journals.  She describes her interests as including, “much small boating around Cape Ann, love of Charles Olson, Hatha yoga practice since 1969.”

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