Peace on Earth

Winter in Gloucester Frederick Mulhhaupt (1871-1938)

Winter in Gloucester                                   Frederick Mulhhaupt (1871-1938)

I love the smell of evergreen
in a not-yet frost-covered Wood.
Mother Nature provides the forest scenes
that do our Spirits good.
I’m grateful for the sounds I hear,
like the music of my Grandchildren’s laughter.
A cherished gift my heart will hold dear
this Season, and ever after.
I’m grateful for the sights I see,
like the love in the eyes of my wife.
Special moments with friends and family
are the most precious gifts of Life.
No expensive present or shiny things
can fill my heart with mirth.
It’s the little things that Christmas brings
which provide my Peace on Earth.



jimmy-tarantinoJames Tarantino (Jimmy T.) is an exemplary outdoor enthusiast who heralds his love of family, his friends, and his passion for all things Gloucester.