Fort Square, High Tide, No Wind by Laurel Tarantino

A new entry from Loving and Leaving the Fort

October 29, 2014
3:30 am

Photo by Laurel Tarantino

How many times have I sat here in the small hours of the morning, thinking the whole world’s asleep, only to have the quiet interrupted by the low rumbling of a fishing boat’s engine? Their running lights cut through the darkness, casting a path of light on the water’s surface. It seems as though you could catch the path from shore and run across the harbor to jump aboard the boat. Then you could tell the Captain, “I’m up too,” and let the crew know how much you enjoy the interruption of your quiet time.

What a beautiful sight they are from shore. Pretty soon they’re joined by another boat, followed by another, and they start to form a parade of lights as they head out to sea. They’re headed to work, unknowing of the spectacular show they’ve given me. Oh to have a better camera to capture such a sight, but no photo or painting could ever grasp my sated senses.

We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets in all different corners of Gloucester. Folks oooooh & aaaaah when they’re shown a gorgeous rainbow, perhaps even a double rainbow, that comes from that special light after a rain. A light that seems unique to Cape Ann.

Me, I like the setting Moon, especially when it’s big and full, shimmering across the harbor from Stage Fort to the place where I sit. Why do I love these wee hours, sitting, perhaps only my dog for company? Do I crave solitude? Do I only want this beauty for myself? No, I am not so selfish. I find myself saying to my dog, “Isn’t it amazing Sport? I wish Daddy were awake to see this. I wish everyone could see this.”

~ Laurel Tarantino