Congratulations Patti Page ~ 2016 Gloucester Citizenship Award Winner.

2016 Citizenship Awards.

Rev. Janet Parsons and Patti Page. May 22, 2016

Our own Patti Page was one of the recipients of the 2016 Gloucester Citizenship Awards for her exemplary achievements with and on behalf of SailGloucester as well as her advocacy for Gloucester Harbor and the working waterfront. The ceremony took place on Sunday May 22nd at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Patti was among ten deserving winners chosen this year.

Patti’s acceptance speech:

I would like to thank the Church’s Social Justice committee for their confidence in my efforts. I am grateful for the support from my family who continue to support all my ventures.

The announcement stated this award is given to those who worked persistently and quietly, with an open heart giving to others, solely for what those gifts mean, for no pay, and often with little or no public notice.

Persistent I am, rarely am I quiet. Working with and being mentored by Damon Cummings, Hilary Frye, and Guy Fiero, who have great experience in all things maritime, has enriched me and has provided me the most rewarding experience. The pay check I receive is priceless. The support the program has received from Vince Mortillaro, Peter Bent, Linzee Coolidge and city administrations, past and present, is a solid example public/private projects can be successful.

You should all feel part of this award – it is in your honor that this comes about.   My advocacy is focused on public access – your public access – access to the water.  It is my belief public access onto the water is an unalienable right. The community of Gloucester is fortunate to have many resources and be situated with safe, adequate waterfront access points. This opportunity created by the sailing program is a solid step towards the end goal. The future vision of community waterfront access is now coming into full view. If your community resources are utilized to their highest and best use, everyone will benefit. That includes public/private partnerships as the city moves forward with waterfront renovation projects, which should be focused on community uses.

Enduring Gloucester also extends our heartiest congratulations to all the other awardees; Pauline Bresnahan, Ellie Cummings, Nome Graham, George Hackford, Charles Nazarian, Peter Souza, Delores Talbot, Alice and Mike Wheeler and Save Our Shores. Truly Gloucester’s finest.


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