Waterfront Facility Development

The City is planning to develop a waterfront facility.  The Seaport Economic Council awarded the City a grant to perform a study.  (see below)

On June 1st, the city contracted with Harriman Consulting to conduct the study which will be completed early this fall.

According to the plan of services submitted by Harriman Consulting, they will develop a Communication Plan which will describe methods that will be used to provide public information and the process that will be used to engage the public throughout the process.

This is an important opportunity to express to the consultant the needs of the community in the development of an important waterfront resource before recommendations are set forth in their draft report.

Anyone concerned and interested in participating in a public process and communicating the needs of the community should contact the Mayor, Harbormaster and Waterways Board with your concerns.

Comments can be sent to:  Voiceoftheport@gmail.com



Gloucester – $80,000

Gloucester is the oldest fishing port in America, and it is critical to the economic health of the city that visitors – especially visiting boaters – feel welcome and have access to the resources they need. In order to advance Gloucester’s maritime and tourism economies, the City will use Seaport Economic Council funds for a site selection study that will examine co-locating a visiting boater support facility with the Harbormaster’s office, to offer resources and amenities including changing rooms, showers, laundry facilities, public restrooms, and common space with Wi-Fi access.



Patti Page, EG consultant, of Gloucester, is retired from a career in federal fisheries regulatory compliance work and a past member of the City’s Waterways Board.  She is a founder and director of Sail GHS, the sailing program for students across Cape Ann, and is dedicated to a broad range of working waterfront advocacy issues.


3 thoughts on “Waterfront Facility Development

  1. Where will they put this facility? Blackburn Industrial? If fishing industries “don’t need to be on the waterfront”, then boaters dont have to shower and change “on the waterfront”. Jus sayin.


    • The reason for the study is to determine a suitable location.
      The grant application listed four locations to be considered.
      The Harbormaster’s Station on Harbor Loop, Lot I4-C2 which is 65 Rogers St., the City owned lot at 110 Commercial St and Cape Pond Ice – which was for sale. Other available (for sale) waterfront properties could be considered by the consultant if they could become under City control.


  2. It is about time to bring the opportunities of year around living and recreational boating to out harbor. It is necessary for our cultural and economic survival. Just keep it real and in the scale of what it should be so that Gloucester has the same look and feel.


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