Two New Poems by Melissa Cummings

fog on glo harbor

Boats Docked in Fog (Copper Paint Factory as seen from East Gloucester) Joseph Margulies (1896-1984)

The Wind Turbines

The wind turbines
are still
Fog in East Gloucester
may be down town
Lanesville free of it
in a barefoot sun
pitching tennis balls 
to young hitters
who want to be
inside may be 
then leave all that
for the increased 
warmth of Beverly
Feel a fog
half way there
coming across
Pride's Crossing
And on the return
see the white stuff
and how it blankets
half the turbines
Find home 
still free of it

Melissa de Haan Cummings
29 May 2015


Two streaks on the water 
rush toward the river
like giant fish
waiting for the suck
back of ocean
preceding tsunami
in a wash of potential fog
which fails to arrive
with a brisk northwesterly 
followed by no storm
a miniature willi waw
soon returned to calm
bringing out a sweatshirt
and a sweater
bringing Marge 
off the porch
with its temperature drop

Melissa de Haan Cummings
13 May 2015
74bdd-melissa2bcummingsMelissa de Haan Cummings majored in French and English Literature at 
Bryn Mawr. She has published poetry in a number of journals. 
 She describes her interests as including, “much small boating around Cape
 Ann, love of Charles Olson, Hatha yoga practice since 1969."


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