Gloucester and the International Dory Races

by Jimmy Tarantino
One of the great traditions of Gloucester is our participation in the International Dory Races. For 63 years the best dory rowers from New England (mostly Gloucester) have competed with the best dory rowers from the Maritime Provinces of Canada (mostly Nova Scotia). I believe that most New Englanders possess an honest, genuine character because our environment forces us to endure nature at its harshest in winter. Add to that the struggle of fishermen working on the powerful North Atlantic and you have the Finest Kind.
Nova Scotians, being even farther North and East have that strong composition as well, perhaps to an even greater extent. As a result the International Dory Races have become so much more than just a competition. Having been blessed to be part of this great tradition for a quarter century, I’ve had the opportunity to experience many of the Finest Kind of the Southeast shore of Nova Scotia, seen their hometowns, met their families, shared their joys and pains over the years.
If you can, put down whatever you’re doing tomorrow morning, (Saturday, June 20)  from 10 ’til noon, and come down the State Fish Pier and meet some of the most genuine souls on the planet!
I’d like to pay tribute to my friends from Nova Scotia with my sincere gratitude for their friendship:

Toast to the Northeast Coast


Jones, Atwood, Brackett and Croft

We’ve known throughout the years

 Spindler, Hyson, Mawhinney and Swim

shared laughter and we’ve shared tears


Atkinson, Nickerson, Mossman and George

Kindred spirits of Sea and Tide

Henneberry, Zwicker, Knickle and Heisler

All share our Fishermen’s Pride


From Sambro down to the Hawk’s rugged coast

All along that beautiful shore

We raise our glass, with respect, we toast

      And welcome our friends once more!


Jimmy Tarantino is a Gloucester native, a doryman, and a passionate advocate of Gloucester’s heritage.

2 thoughts on “Gloucester and the International Dory Races

  1. I’m glad you’ve kept the CULTURE of the Dory Fishing alive in your own, and the Association’s, efforts and examples
    , Jim. I wish the AUTHENTIC dory fishing scenes from the movie, “Captains Courageous” (1937), filmed in Gloucester, were more available. Including a “Flying Set” (!!) Amazing!! The film itself should also be a part of every elementary school student’s EDUCATION here, too. Keep up the vital work!! FORWARD INTO THE PAST!!


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