Revelations – Poetry by Melissa de Haan Cummings


Essex Boatyard by Brent Jensen


A bicycle seat
by the middle 
granite step
to the back stoop
a bit of driveway
in front of the Neon
the top of an orange
and blue motorcycle 
lobster pot buoys
along the fence

What happens
if you hit this?
I don't know 
but don't play 
with buttons
on my machines!

Nice to contemplate mist
leaf free branches
and evergreens

Ice cakes return
to the Mill River

Butler is a white
Basset type 
with short brown ears 
He climbs snow drifts
and trots along up there
wondering why people
fail to join him
He also likes to stop
for bird song
and water sound

Forty knot spray 
whipping through the gap
turquoise kayak
on the mud
up right again
this penultimate day 
before Equinox

Well I went over to Essex
and I bought horse feed
because we have six 
or eight deer 
in our back yard
They are so thin!
One's a fawn!
A doe came onto the patio
to eat leftover bird seed
They are so hungry!
I know you aren't 
supposed to feed them
They are vegetarians 
but they eat horse feed
Ninety bucks!
I had to!
You had to!

Melissa de Haan Cummings
17-19 March 2015
74bdd-melissa2bcummingsMelissa de Haan Cummings majored in French and English Literature at 
Bryn Mawr. She has published poetry in a number of journals. 
 She describes her interests as including, “much small boating around Cape
 Ann, love of Charles Olson, Hatha yoga practice since 1969.”

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