Easter, a poem by Eric Schoonover


A motorcycle blats down Prospect,

downshifts at Destino’s curve then to

roar off beneath the Virgin’s startled eyes,

the schooner still cradled in her arms


atop Our Lady of Good Voyage.

A neighbor’s pool holds koi floating on

their sides amidst great chunks of ice

residue of an unholy winter. Ichthus.


The icons confuse: no baby but a ship,

fish dead but no loaves. What I’d really

like to know, Where is that baby? Perhaps

the Harley hogger on the way to Mom’s

and ham with yams will tell.

erik schoonover

Eric Schoonover is a writer, boatbuilder and watercolorist living in Gloucester. He is the author of the award-wining The Gloucester Suite and Other Poems and a novel, Flowers of the Sea.







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