Equinox, by Lanesville poet Melissa de Haan Cummings

erika hillier lanesville (2)

Erika Hillier, Lanesville


Sunny was slipping across the other side
with her black lab and her brown lab
treacherously icy
She was missing the twenty nine people
and seven dogs who celebrated sun
and warmth eight days ago
You counted?  Of course!
I want to tell people about it!
We parted at the foot of
Sunset Point Road after I
told her about the Black Man
found hanged from a tree
yesterday in Mississippi
she told me Judy and her guy
were Freedom Riders
in the Sixties  We passed
their house   I turned back
at the bottom of Ships Bell
met Lisa Dustin and Clayton
by Stowells where Dustin
told me the temperature is
supposed to be forty-seven
at time of year   I told him
we aren’t what we are supposed
to be either   Clayton said
It is what it is   Lisa thumped
me on the arm in a friendly
goodbye  Pirate climbed
under Claytons feet in the
warm Jeepster   I told Dustin
I knew his ex and we admired
her classy sexy way with
clothing   He told me how
an uncle used to have trouble breathing
when Gianna was around
I told him about Wink Sargent
We agreed wear a bikini
if you want   Lusting is
a guy’s problem
Forgetting to tell Dusty
Gianna teaches body combat
And how does he think
she looks then?

Went out on the Flatiron
to observe the clump
of brown weed
pretty much covers
the spot where the dock
rests from about May
to October
Sudden splash!
quick swim toward the gap
like a fish but wait to see
it is a cormorant

Melissa de Haan Cummings

Melissa de Haan Cummings majored in French and English Literature at 
Bryn Mawr. She has published poetry in a number of journals. 
 She describes her interests as including, “much small boating around Cape
 Ann, love of Charles Olson, Hatha yoga practice since 1969.”

Melissa Cummings

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