from The Maximus Poems, III, 206, by Charles Olson


Untitled. Stapleton Kearns (b.1952 )

from The Maximus Poems, III, 206

Full moon (staring out window, 5:30 A M March 4th
1969) staring in window   one-eyed white round clear
giant eyed snow-mound staring down on snow-
covered full blizzarded  earth after the
continuous 4 blizzards of February March   5 feet
of snow all over Cape Ann (starving
and my throat tight from madness of isolation &
inactivity, rested hungry empty mind all
gone away into the snow into the loneliness,
bitterness, resolvedlessness, even this big moon
doesn't warm me up, heat me up, is snow
itself (after this snow not a jot of food left
in this silly benighted house   all night long sleep
all day, when activity, & food, And persons)
5:30 A M hungry for every thing

~ Charles Olson (1910-1970)

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