Poem by Rufus Collinson

“Night Windows” by Edward Hopper, 1928

“Night Windows” by Edward Hopper, 1928

Life Behind Lit Windows

Called upon again to drive

The air as cold in my blue van

as the night without

Dinner left behind to its own heat

The cranky engine warms

I settle back and look for life

behind lit windows

Taking the curves wide

I search kitchens for steam.

Blue rooms amber rooms

Upstairs windows shining bright

Edge of cupboard  glimpse of portrait

rows and rows of colored books

Sometimes whole rooms appear

with such lustre of light

such perspective of nook and beam

that I can see back and back

tablefuls of celebration

alcoves of despair.

Tonight I am just a tired driver

taking comfort in the hour of safe return.

People come home

preheat the oven

take a bath

admire the suspension

of spirits in a crystal glass

drink them in.

 ~ Ruthanne (Rufus) Collinson

Ruthanne (Rufus) Collinson has lived and loved in Gloucester all of her life. She worked for 25 years as 
Director of Publications for Project Adventure and served as Gloucester’s poet laureate for four years

A note from Ruthanne Collinson:

Being Poet Laureate is such a great honor and blessing to do what you love for the place that you love. I worked with the schools and the senior center; and, in addition to the Poet Laureate column in the Gloucester Times. I wrote poems for city events. I loved working with the schools. I would take the students on silent walks and then bring them back to the classroom and have them write what they saw and felt. It was always Amazing. I met many wonderful people through the Poet Laureate column as well.

One thought on “Poem by Rufus Collinson

  1. Evening drives I await for those window scenes. I prefer a driver so I can sit cross legged in the passenger seat. I stare out the side window like a movie screen. Each window frame reminds me of a movie needing to be spliced together to tell a story. Thanks for the ride.

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