On Thanksgiving Day 
Enduring Gloucester’s contributors share our gratitude
Gloucester Harbor  Julius Delbos (1879-1970)

“I am grateful for being so warmly embraced by my many new friends in this wonderful city.”
Bing McGilvary

“I am grateful for the sense of community Gloucester provides where it seems, it is true, everybody knows your name.  When conducting day to day activities, there is not a day that goes by where I inevitably see someone I know and exchange a greeting.”
Patti Page

“On Thanksgiving and every day, I am grateful for all the beauty that is Gloucester, from the colors of Spring to the magic Winter brings. Above all, I’m thankful for all the friends who seem to have an endless amount of joy to share.”
Laurel Tarantino

                                     photos by Laurel Tarantino

“I thought I came to Gloucester for the light and the sea, for the art and the music.  But the people I found here, tenacious and unpretentious, welcomed me into their true community and made me want to stay. This place matters to me.”   
Lois A. McNulty


“I give thanks today and every day for the privilege of living in this beautiful place, this real city, which we must never allow to be taken from us by those who would remake it in their own image.”    
Peter Anastas

One thought on “GRATITUDE

  1. The longer I stay in Gloucester, the more grateful I am to be part of the “force-field” that Poet Charles Olson drew from, and with which he surrounded himself–“…personal sacred objects…of magical aura-action against eternity.” And the easy banter of people, become friends–even at work, like going on deck, down the fo'c's'le for the first time, ON THE SAME BOAT, OF THIS ISLAND, to SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE, what Poet Gary Snyder senses–the “NUMINOUS, LOADED WITH MEANING AND POWER” of this proud, SACRED PLACE.


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