J. Jeffrey Grant’s Gloucester

“My favorite sketching ground is Gloucester…” J. Jeffrey Grant

J. Jeffrey Grant (1883 ~ 1960)

After the death of both his parents, Grant left his native Scotland, ultimately establishing himself in Chicago as one of the city’s most important and prolific artists. Still, something in him longed for the seaside life he had loved as a boy.

This longing was resolved in 1931 when he visited Gloucester. He returned almost every summer for the rest of his career. He was inspired by the vibrancy of life he saw here. The ocean’s fishermen, the dockside workers, rooftop vistas accentuated by iconic spires, busy urban streets and residential alleyways with washing on the line and children at play… all this and more he captured beautifully with impeccable precision.

Here are just three of his Gloucester paintings which still have a very familiar feel.

gray day

Gray Day, Gloucester Docks

StAnn (2)

St. Ann’s Church, Prospect St.

hanging Laundry (2)

Hanging Laundry, Portagee Hill


Artist: Tommy Heinsohn (!)


Pink House on Portuguese Hill. Tommy Heinsohn (b. 1934)

Folks who are my “friends” on Facebook know that every day I try to feature a work by a different artist, past or present, who has come to Cape Ann for inspiration. Some call it home, others are just passing through. There are so very many to choose from that rarely do I repeat a post. While searching this morning I came upon a lovely painting by an artist who really surprised me…and he probably will you too. ~ Bing

I have provided a link for more information on this unique talent.

Click here >> Tommy Heinsohn