We Are So Proud!



Board members and major contributors Peter Anastas and Laurel Tarantino accepted the award at the Historical Commission’s 2015 Preservation Awards program at the Cape Ann Historical Museum.


Photos courtesy of contributor Ann Molloy


We thank our generous contributors, Jeff Rowe, Louise Welch, Louise Maassen, Ruthanne (Rufus) Collinson, Peter Anastas, Ernest Morin, Jo-Ann Castano, Jeff Weaver, Melissa deHaan Cummings, Kent Bowker, Mike Cook, Robert Gibbons, Helen Garland, Patti Page, Lois McNulty, Bing McGilvray, Ann Molloy, Laurel Tarantino, Jimmy Tarantino, Eric Schoonover and Big Tom Brancaleone, for your art, poetry, photographs, essays, energy and ideas. Without you, Enduring Gloucester would not have been recognized as a respected voice in the community.

We are always interested in new contributors.

Please e-mail us at enduringgloucester@gmail.com with your ideas.

2 thoughts on “We Are So Proud!

  1. I’m proud of you all too!!!! There is definitely a shift coming and hope it isn’t too late but hopefully we can salvage what is left. Thanks for the mention also. Greatly appreciated and honored to be considered associated. On to the Community Boating issues now. Then back to getting statistics on the arts and try and balance out this tourism thing and off the public arts issue as much. Our culture and our arts should not be under the marketing plan of tourism. I see these issues so close entwined though.

    Keep going and thanks for your hard work and being so Enduring !!!!!



  2. Congratulations, Lois & Peter, Well deserved!!!

    Thank you for including my work, & for the mention here.


    Gratefully, Robert


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