Poem by Rufus Collinson

Photo by Laurel Tarantino 2013

Photo by Laurel Tarantino 2013

Celebrate Gloucester

Let us go to a high place and look out.

Gulls soar and drift like our spirits.

Trees reach out and spread their dapple and their shade.

Small birds twitter in droves like the beauty of our distractions.

Hills emerge and rocks lounge like beached whales.

The land curves and the sands glisten.

We see everything that keeps and holds, encloses

Coves, forts, quarries, cellars, the bell tower, breakwater

Harbor ramps and wharves and pilings, hulls and masts and lines

Vessels of pleasure and provision

Rooftops, widow walks, chimneys

The language and history of the neighborhoods

The salt of our current lives

We dwell in the spirit of all that swells and beckons and provides

The shining harbor

Steeples, light houses, Our Lady of Good Voyage

Our Man at the Wheel

Coffee shops, bars, restaurants

The aroma of the nations

The endless call of the sea and promise of the horizon

The spirit of Gloucester surrounds and teaches us

How to create Love from Loss

How to look far out and find the possibilities within

How to live close and always see the distant horizon

Celebrate Gloucester and your self

All that you have become

Within the shining city of your soul.

 ~ Ruthanne "Rufus" Collinson

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